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Lynx+, the compact layer 3 managed Ethernet switch

Lynx+ has become a router through its new operating system, WeOS. Both static and dynamic routing is possible and protocols such as OSPFv2 and RIPv1/v2 are supported. We have also implemented further functions that are necessary when you expand your network to the WAN side. Network redundancy on a routing level with VRRP, firewall, NAT, port forwarding and IPSec-encrypted VPNs are just some of the features we have added.
There is also a variety of Layer 2 features such as network redundancy protocols with support for STP/RSTP that can be combined with our own FRNT protocol meaning that the Lynx+ can easily be integrated into networks with equipment from other players. IGMPv2/v3 with stop filter and the unique Westermo protocol 'Fast Reconnect' allow i.e. a video stream to reconfigure super fast (20ms). Advanced functionality for VLANs with support for up to 64 virtual network, combined with Layer 3 protocols allows unprecedented levels of network security.

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